Point of Bifurcation
3:26 28 0 9 лет
Fluctuations of consciousness (2009
"Point of Bifurcation" Ok, my friend Are you ready to hear? How people are plunging Into loath and fear How sense is getting Into bloody slaughter While thoughts are swimming In the rusty water Leaving your hopes, and your dreams, and your wishes forever This world is sick and doesn’t seem to be clever Close your eyes, clench you fists, free your wrists from chain Harness your steed, and believe – rush by the sky in the wain Verse: Lie as a rule Words in essence are empty Age is sad and cruel Great became petty Biting the air, Milling the wind, Nobody cares, Nobody needs Chorus: Living like a weed Sucking mercy’s sap Tilting at windmill Getting into crap Verse: They are tempting fate Gallowses are ready The gates of the hatred Are open and baity Find the way Look into your soul Kill inside you state Exterminate from foul!