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Fluctuations of consciousness (2009)
Solvent My lungs is filling Inhaling process My throat is bleeding With killing substance Air is full of sorrow Breathing is hollow My struggle and my fight Dismissed from outside Soaked and thorned I am in solvent It’s flowing through my veins Attempting to create That light, that sound, that stream It’s trying everything Another holder… Hold this diluent’s world Become an empty shaper That can create a form Without any helper I will go into this air Will fade in glare And now this powerless Is falling down Behind my eyes That is my destiny And my reborn, expected turn Cause when it will be done I’ll open door into next world I am in solvent now This place is killing, destroying. It’s flowing through my veins But listen to me: No more useless games and sorrow It will end today, right this moment. I’ll find the door and I will never be hollow