Wind of the seas
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Автор музыки
Александр Пермяков
Автор текста
Александр Пермяков
Flock of birds
Кольцо Фро
The waves and the wind, keep in your heart, Valour and glory, and all mad world is for you, Do not hurry up to kill the flame in your soul, You will return, the wind of the seas. 1. Wind, a cold in your soul, a phantom in you, You ask for a help, you are afraid, You pray to gods, they do not hear you, You’re in the fog, in darkness. Dreams, and a moonlight, will show you the way, The night storm will come, be not afraid, It will not stop you, you will win, Trust me. 2. Shout, will break your rest, the voice will call you, To a long way, eternity, Your destiny, do not look back, Win the darkness, by the force of good. Howl, death someone's pain, the stranger run away, To the sun, the sun in the night, You do not search, time has come, Trust me. 3. Door, close the door, with a silver key, The pain is as fine as a dead rose, Giving force, and the force grows, Gives you hope, belief is a great force, The loneliness kills, destroys a soul, Makes you weak, you call for a wind, It will come and help you, Trust me.