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Lestat de Llamorte
История создания
лирика была написана в 2004
The mirror breaks This is the masque you wear The heart of cold Inside… The wall you’ve built around your sense of life Is high and strong You cry Tears vanish in your fears Time and again you disappear in the lies Of untrue rhymes Born in false light And madness – all you hear… The scene for girl Who’s weird and forlorn The heart of cold Grown stiff… The e choes are your only audience Echoes of world… You want to leave… But see the writing on the wall: “Nowhere to run” – can’t get out of this tomb Of sentenced minds Imprisoned in their shells And aye you stab thy soul…again… The scene is yours… Fighting the time… Nowhere to fall… Nowhere to run… You won’t take on Have to break out Now take my hand Weigh your blackout…