Time To Play With My Cock
4:18 12 0 9 лет
Waiting To Exhale [EP] 2009
Your fucking mouth is stuffed with the shit, as usual though It’s hard to believe that I’ve been eating it with pleasure for some time Whom I was then? Blind? Perhaps, a naive one? It doesn’t matter anyway Only things is happening right now are important For now, you’re just one more whore for my needs And nothing more... My veins are swelling at the sight of you There is a lust immediately appears in my head Longing for take your neck in my arms, and than screw it gently You think I'm insane? It seems to me, that I'm healthier than you! No. Not this time It's better for you to forget about it From now on you won’t pain me anymore I perfectly know such kind of people as you You’re all have the same crap on your mind. That’s funnily... That’s fucking funnily I think it's high time for you to play with my cock