Red Knots And Long Dresses
5:24 32 0 9 лет
Additional recording, additional guitars and effects by V. Sudarikov. Vocals recorded by R. Yudin Cover art and visual concept - Denis Ponomarev (www.verstak.ru) Published by Lyrd and Fiends Only (digipak) WEB-RELEASE: Viral Records (England)
Red Knots And Long Dresses [EP]
If I could get a poison then I would do my best To be someone Who is aware of what is happening around I’m begging you to stay If I could understand all the consequence I find In everywhere Then maybe I would stop and drop asleep at night To never wake up again How can I live if there is no air to breathe? There is nothing to change Am I a capful of the wind? Drop in the ocean, I’ll be gone with the flow I’ll return to my past and see the red light What I find is what I did I lick the rusty metal sword to cut my tongue To taste the blood So will you be patient to listen to my words? I’m begging you to stay How comes it we care so much about ourselves But never see That everything is clear, the ocean is around Swallowing you I’m untying the red knots And it was your lie Who let you down? Believe in my sunshine I set fire Believe in my sunshine