Game Is Over
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Альтернативный рок
GAME IS OVER Many times they used to say to me that I've got quite a vitiate taste. Why don't you believe in me? I am not ordinarily waste! Anyone who dares to say to me that what I do has been already done, Why don't you believe in me? I gonna show you that I'm the one. Hey! If you gonna show me What? That my game is over You! Better try, better try to impress me with all that you can! Hey! Are you looking for yourself? Your game is over Hey! You wanted all my sense You lost your clover Hey! I don't want to loose my life I'm living for myself Hey! Don't want to loose your sense? Be yourself! So every day I had to hear around that I'm just miserable the crap Thanks for abasing me, it didn't kill me but really helped As to your mind I have to fall back down and beg for mercy on my knees Back off the fuck of me! I'm gonna drink in my release!