Intro / Insomnia
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Headache Disguise The source of evil When it's close to sunrise Insanity leads to what you cannot see And comprehend To the cruel land CHORUS: Lunacy Disharmony The time you can't fall asleep Insomnia Twilight Streets The call from inside To my grown dim mind You're thinking of way to busy yourself To bear the pain To take off the strain CHORUS Finding a victim is not a question of time Look in her eyes, they radiate the fear You throw her into the slime Mercy is sleeping but you are tired of fight Blood is the drug, it helps you to survive And bear this horrible night CHORUS II: Throat is gurgling, time of agony Intestines are scattered, the soul is free Victim was innocent, what have you done for? Life became death and the blood became gore The gore is the pain The way obstructed You've chosen the abnormal solution You close your eyes The dreams are coming They make you recall the last breath of the dying CHORUS II