No One More
3:55 22 0 9 лет
Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
Trust (EP)
Have not nothing to tell, That i would like to hear have not nothing to give, That i would like to take Have not nothing to train, That i would like to know Have not nothing to kill, That i would like to die You have nothing that could excite me, Leave the threats for better day Past by,die you are not invited, My mask of lie will take your faith Stand ,wait, feel the suffering Would you like to die by tee Now upsters you hear the more laughing Lie and faith forever going with me I am like no one more you my cure and i’m your sore don't look back, cause i'm make black yours psyho head , that’s what i said I subordinate time and all world already mine but for me it doesn't no means i feel live only in my dreams Come to me, because i need before this night your life was shit in my hands all of your prime, now your flesh becomes a grime watch me, you must see your blood - my extasy if you think, you choose wrong way take your gun and stay insane subordinate time world already mine doesn't no means live only in my dreams