broken remain
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Thread of narration
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демо сделанное в домашней студии
be still when moments come for real days feel and watch you to pay the bill thorns and heavens are finding out inside my levels tongues of fire are licking treasures and desires empty glasses are full of the endless classes and decades are searching for the saddest phrases kiss of lover that you're holding in the lips of flower built another empty glass to fill with undercover deep waters are taking me down i can not resist and can die the flow is knocking me down i'm drifting with the search of the ground the future like stranger with glow, like eyes that always wanting to know four corners are lost in this room my future will be here soon block by block we do to build a house of being lost the block and lost the hole in your own seeing the treasures can burn and light the dark the thorns can grow and disapproach the mark broken remain are crying in vain and rains hundreds of strays doing this way and wait some words can crawl and never coming back can be written in blood and cause a heart attack lost strokes, lost ways in hidden sense we lost we can bury the past but it will catch us the most broken remain are crying in vain and rains hundreds of strays are doing this way and wait