Aeterna Nox
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Aeterna Nox
Beyond Time
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I feel it when just look at them. The shrine of wisdom and the storage Without a price but free for men. They say a lot about an evil, About a God, a truth and faith. The life looks like a little river Controlled by prophecies the gave Who stares? Who reads? Who cares? Who leads Us, when there is No faith in heart, No mind in head, Now turn around: It's almost dead! We never hear a Viva Vox Of Nature through Aeterna Nox The ancient books are full of power, But we can't find and bring it here. The endless night is known to cover The Earth and sunlight won't be seen. But we still have a little time to Change the direction that we fly. The way to happiness now lies through The kind or everything will die. To learn, To fear, Or to burn And disappear? From world Where there is No faith in heart…