Onliners feat. RAPsody, Эван Баши
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Dagoth, ТАЙГА, RAPsody, Domovoy, Эван Баши
Сделать мир лучше (2008)
BangaMuffin Rec
"Onliners" [RAPsody] One wonderful man is here to tell you What's going on online He's living his life being a good fellow and leaving the past behind He's making his deals don't thinking 'bout anger He's taking care of his angel But somewhere on forums there is the appearance of dirty words and nasty things... [Dagoth] World Wide Web do you know that you depend on it Brandon or Gwendolin do you know my name all around the lands You still wanna be our fans We've got a demand of you haters You're going on with visiting sites i'm so tired of your lie My body tries to deny and i'm still making a deal the way i feel don't wanna kill you that's just fuss what you discuss on your forums trynof getting more balls that's the way you thrill but i'm willing to deal only with serious men and your behaviour makes me only chilly Don't pretend to be so great having a fuzz your soul is inside wash your glasses by your hand made big trousers it's too late you can't now follow us