For Me And You (Karaoke Version)
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Lyrics by Andrew Mosckalev (Sankt-Petersburg, Russia) Автор стихов Андрей Москалёв (г.Санкт-Петербург) For Me And You ..... Stay with me in moments of sorrow, In moments of joy - 'till the end. Stay with me today and tomorrow, 'Cause there is no need to pretend. Heal my heartache with all your passion. With all your laughter. Just let it shine. No more pain and no more depression, Just tell me that you are mine. I can't believe in every word you said to me. Why don't you see? Right in your eyes there is a message from your heart, I know. I feel it... ..... Refrain: You're the one that I love. Come hold me in your arms - it's more than enough. Lady, you're the one I adore. You are the key to open my heaven's door. Darling, in this world full of tears Every harm disappears For me and you. ..... Every time I follow your motion To trace every move that you make. Here's my soul in deepest devotion - It's all that I want you to take. Let me kiss you... Let this illusion Turn to a real life. Give me some hope. Will you save me from my confusion? Help me, just throw me the rope. I can't forget that magic smile that I have seen once in my dream. Why did you go? I cannot live without your smile, I know. I feel it... ..... Refrain.