Misty Delight (Instrumental Demo)
5:03 31 2 8 лет
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Мудров Пётр
Энергичный, атмосферный и мрачный трек, с легко запоминающимся скрипичным мотивом.
История создания
Misty Delight - это первая песня, написанная в рамках проекта Memorable. Скрипичный мотив, проходящий через всю песню дал дорогу всему остальному творчеству проекта...
First Demo
Misty Delight Perfect desire Never Let Go Take into embrace And stifle it slow Live in air castles And can not believe Whatever I want My dream merely dream Perfect ideal Becoming as God. I've painted an icon, Give peace of a heart. Beauty or angel One time was so close, But mistake or fate That all have been lost... Imaging paradise Can be live or dead. A pathway to heights Hides just in our heads. Most of our souls Have not risen yet. Man who has keys I've never him met... Our brilliance temple In step to fall down Adoration pictures Now lost in the ground The last fallen star Has shinned really bright But that twilight time Was misty delight...