If you do love this girl
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Басы драммашиновские, ритмуха писалась сразу с ней в тот же трек из соображений использовать драммашиновское сведение. Потом накладывались два вокальных трека из которых нарезался один, потом тоже самое с гармошкой, потом соло-гитара.
If you do love this girl You gotta let her to go away You know she loves another man You'd better let her to go away She would be quite unhappy staying with you Has she really loved you? May be a few There will come another day Or I have nothing to say! If you do love this girl Try to satisfy her desire She said she loves another man There is no smoke but a fire Still you taking wisdom from the bookshelf? Do you really love her? No, only yourself! I see you act like a vampire What do you want to inspire? If you do love this girl Man, you'd better leave her alone She started to love another man That means that something gone wrong Actually you see that she's loving no more In fact you'll be her friend if you would close the door I want you try to be strong This is the end of the song!