About Love
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Why do we live here on Earth? And why do we die, every time? What is wrong in our soul? Who can judge? If we all, Everybody’s wrong when we can’t love when we can’t live when we can’t die as we want. But we don’t want it We want to be loved here Then why are we mistaken And hate other people Who do something not like we do, like you do Millions of people Think like me But even more people Can’t believe That girl and her girlfriend That boy and boy Can live together And enjoy And love forever! Why do we beware them? Why are we so blind? Why can't we live together Here hand in hand My blindfolded people your blindness is strong And blear mind Can’t understand my heart Then my heart bleeds When I see what I shouldn't I love you My lovely friend And want to be with you In my homeland But I can’t… Who will understand? When you are smiling I always pray That you’ll forgive me If I can’t stay with you If I leave you alone If I leave you Forgive me my friend! But now I’ll be with you And all should be ok! I know why you are crying I'm crying with you I love you my darling And I know it’s true! I know that is right… It’s right!