The Bird
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Blasphem, Sardonyx, Swarm
История создания
Music for this song was originaly written by famous True Black Metal composer BLASPHEM, our ex-member. Unfortunately, he's left the band becouse of different musical preferences in the very beginning of project's existence. At the present time Blasphem is working on his main project called SPIRITUAL AGONY which is also released here in the Real Music. Visit following URL for more info: http://realmusic.ru/spagony
Like a Slumber' 2003
THE BIRD whisper: Even dogs are able to bark in the dusk But only birds can sing fine to my ears Dreamer pull out Your wings from the pack Romantic set sails from Your Heaven's vessel Warrior sharpen Your blade for attack Lier empoison Your tongue for a tale I'm a whale from the coldest waters And I'm a serpent from the hottest deserts I'm the morning bird for Your exhausted ears I've listened the sonata loud And my soul's lifted up For I saw all my lacks And I fell down... I've listened the fairy tale quiet And my heart has burnt away Coz I felt all my scars And I've got the solve You're a trapper of my feathery flesh And I am the mourning bird For Your exhausted ears