Let the Sleeper Awakes
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Sardonyx, Swarm
Like a Slumber' 2003
LET THE SLEEPER AWAKES Hey! I have something to tell You now It is not about ever around Even nothing about Your being There is something You lost lament: Oh... I remember I saw in my dreams Oh... The people are born and lived in a war and... Died! And died! Died! They died! lament: Oh... The evil is generous for seeds Oh... Why?... C'mon boy, it's Your turn Raze every town on Your way! I fell You are able to learn How to win and how not to play lament: Oh... I fell it's getting cold Oh... Goodbye... Now it's time to fight! Burn Your home tonight! Abandon Your ship! Alright... Let the sleeper awakes! Let the sleeper awakes! Let the fuckin' sleeper awakes! Awake, awake, awake, awake, awake!...