T I S H I N A - In My Heart (Demo 2009)
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Тишина - In My Heart... [EP] '09
It's the coldest place in the world And i warm up your arms I want to say to you some words But i feel so strange and the stars Show me way to u'r heart I feel it so unreal But nothing left... Time heals... CHORUS: When everything just falls apart... U stay in my heart... You’re right, you’re right it's the same... When all the way it's only pain From time to time you stay alone Alone at home... -CHORUS- U wrote to me! The message that I can’t leave! U wrote to me! I’m sorry it’s too late… The story of Changing The memory of Waking I’m sorry it's too late! Dying in your heart! Allways the same and Don't be a fool, later You’ll understand That I have died in your heart! Don’t tempt the fate! (x3) Sorry it’s too late… The message that I can’t leave… The story that I can’t change… Don’t tempt the fate! (x3) Sorry it’s too late…