OUTLANDISH - Guantanamo
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Guantanamo Lyrics by Outlandish [Intro:] El sol calienta alla en lo alto Y la palma real nos alumbra Orgullo de mi tierra cubana Aqui no hay canto en vano [Translation:] The sun heats above And the royal palm enlights us With the pride of my Cuban soil Here it can't be found A song in vain [Chorus] Mi casa y su casa - Guantanamo The grass is greener on my side - eh eh eh And I got all my moros here - Guantanamo Just me y my familia - eh eh eh [Rapverse1 (Isam)] Ey chico! Just idle the car while I run in to the super Mercado Cop the Cuban bootleg compay Segundo Gon' barbeque, ya know ill kebab Only this time, no blues brotha The vibe is Cuba Give twenties and couple of wise words to the kids I'm an example to them, stay in school learn buiss' Tell'em; respect the whole nine Respect them old folks Take my dinner with the Don Couscous with parmesan The sun is about to set Hawaiian shirts, Havana cigars Red sky, hot breeze, ladies like the guitars And I can assure ya ass my pueblo is ghetto Veteran cars ain't no flat tire, just hold on Or we can lounge in Tangier Not the one in Vegas, naah the one in Maroc Cruise the Atlantic, from yours to my block Mo' hot sauce, mo' sipping, mo' palmas, mo' bailar [Chorus] [Rapverse2 (Lenny)] El son de mi cuba Me da los buenos dias Desayuno y al salir Todo el mundo ya esta arriba Oye chico subele el volumen Me encanta ese bolero Y esta cola para el pan Le da la vuelta al mundo entero Ahora ya en La Habana Viejas calles con aire colonial Los problemas no se ocultan Pero hay dulzura al pasar Las palmas como el Che Orgullecen el paisaje Voy cantando De donde son los cantantes Por mi isla mi compadre voy cruzando Solo en shorts, con mis gafas Mi chevy y el sol ardiente Hoy es un dia especial Porque hoy me voy para Oriente [Translation:] The sun of my Cuba Salutes me good morning I take breakfast and come out The whole world is already up Hey chico turn the volume up Coz I love this bolero And this line to buy the bread, goes around the entire world anyway Now picture La Habana The old streets with colonel air Problems can't be hidden But you'll find sweetness at you pass by The palms like El Che bring pride to the landscape While I'm singing "De donde son los cantantes" Only in shorts with my sunglasses My chevy and the burning sun Today is a special day Coz today I'm on my way to the Orient [Rapverse2 (Waqas)] A million degrees u can barely move Plus la salsa making it hotter In this Cohiva groove Life is what u make it It's that simple & plain Sometimes u get sunshine But 4 now we got no rain [Chorus] [Rapverse3 (Waqas)] Move it to the left Back up a bit Ok hold it there We gonna watch the game Even though the signal ain't clear Where I'm from they call it cricket Around here it's pelota That's 2 great games Coming from two proud cultures You've seen them play their part on the streets from the start Some of the greatest came from here you know they got heart Role models from the block deep down in the ditch Then they switch hit a 6 A ball left man off the pitch [Bridge] Ouwee! Lights out, ain't got no electricity for the rest of the night We don't care, lighters up Bounce to this beat, 'til the sun gon' come up Mo hot sauce, mo sipping, mo palmas, mo baile Mo sunshine [Outro:] Esto va para Alamar y para el resto de mi Cuba [Translation:] This goes out to Alamar and to the rest of Cuba