Make me cry
4:18 18 0 14 лет
Poetic Licence 2000
Blacksmith prod.
Every night you try to run away from obsessive image. Every night he caresses you and drinks your blood. It's killing you and you want to hurt me. Recollections back me into your mind and break your dreams. But I beg you to free me from this chase for the past! All I need - just to part from. All I need - to forget you. But how it's deceptive! It's very hard when you have lack of comprehension. My heart is enchained with you, I'm forceless… all my dances with you go with pain. The pain you haven't expected. You think I'm the cause of the torment. But I'm so far from you and my minds so nearby. Oh, free me from these visions which we dance in. You don't care where you turn away from me. But something ghostly lacerates your heart. Forgive me! But I can't forget these images of love which are so sad, sadness feeds me. I'm going blind, I'm afraid to see reality. Fear, solitude, quiet cry, what is still expecting me? Kill me! I'm not free. Embraced with dark silence she feels sweet but cold touch. The taste of bitterness is on her lips. The pulse of my heart emanates from her bosom. It's depressing her and satisfying. Why does not she say a word? Ducking in empty reflection again. She corners me with cold blood in her head. Play my feelings. Lark with my sorrow, this is her way to part from reality. Something dismays her virginal tranquillity, something tender and mournful, it's filling her. Sinking her soul in sweet dreams. But it hurts her. She cries going in the streets. Does she like my condition? But what are you going to do now? She drowns in the ocean of disappointment all is pale and alien. But it will end soon cause it's not me any more.