Hatter`s Spring Letter
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Black Bride, Chevrette
Лирическая, наивная, грустная. Фэндомная.))
Black Bride (http://www.diary.ru/member/?236945) - Hatter's Spring Letter to Alice - Spring has come to Tugley*, Alice. Spring is time for love and dream. But I have the only feeling - Lack for something deep within. Don't know why and don't know where I am roaming through the night Looking for your fragile figure To embrace it very tight. Alice, dear, I look hilarious In my suit and with top hat. But I hope that you have better Attitude to all of that. Outlandish** is now useless, We can speak of what we want. But I still do love that poem Where you're slaying Jabberwock. Well, it's late, and light is fading. I can hardly see the pen. So, I'm sure about one thing: You'll come back. But only...when?...