Severe reality of alien dreams
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Poetic Licence 2000
Blacksmith prod.
Already several weeks you are hagridden with fearful insomnia. Your organism became weak, you are nervous and spitfire. You feel how psychical condition is norsening day by day. Who creates this obsession? Why didn't medicines help you to fall asleep? You are a victim of abnormal phenomena, psychological experience but is the cause of it all. What is the nature of the psychosis? There's brutal night again, already wonted torments again. But what happened to you, there's real in the head. Bright flashes before your eyes. The brain is getting free from any minds. You fall to sleep! But where are you? Ha-ha-ha! The minds vanished to dark abyss where it smells with perspiration decaying corpses and gunpowder. Plaintive cries of unknown people, red from blood icy floor full of disfigured bodies. Thousands of empty and ill views. You go on the labirinth on dirty ways of alien dream. Trying to find the exit from this disgusting world. Lustful women touch you and try to kiss you by their lips smeared with sperm. Glacial cry infetters your soul with fear. Cutting heads are on the spiles, endless mockeries against children. Unsupportable tortures, hellish laughter - you feel bad. Do you feel the gravestone above your head? You are running with fear in the heart. You want to hide from this inferno. But nowhere to escape, it's everywhere. Treading on puddles filled in blood and tears you fall into the heap of impuruties. Nefarious vulgarity of dirty inebriate men enfetters your veins. Terrible reek and waste, sexual perversions, awful spectacles bereave you to breathe. Brutality of this horrorful world shears like knife into the heart. You cry watching on the tortures against guiltless children. But what are you able to do? It's just a dream. The dream which have killed you! You are in the dream of nefariuos killer who has ill imagination. Psychical wave of abhorrence connected with the action have deformed your brain. Your psyche has broken. Emotions from the insomnia accumulated you during several weeks have killed you!