Old Futures
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Lunatic Asylum
Old Futures 1 I've lost my concience now I've left my tragedy in you I'm seeking for new paths The paths that surely are true i'm waking up from sleeping eternal and so painful dream i'm rising up and heating inside my head is constant scream 2 It's drilling now my head The shakeup of my thougs goes on I walk to empty lane and hope i'm not still left alone i'm feeling bit distorted collapse my dream for one more time i figure out an sort it decide what was in future mine i breathe transparent air i clear up and switch my mind i hold no flashback near i left them all so far behind my inner voice is fading rebell and fight against myself i'm creature that is hating i'm climbing up the higest shelve [chorus]x2 blood fills my devastaded eyes i am above those useless tries i ressurect forgotten ways and met new futures face to face