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Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
Lunatic Asylum
HALF-DEAD You're standing in front You're confronting me I look in yor eyes Whan an anger I see I know you that you hate me And I hate you even more Now I feel the feelengs That I never felt before The tension is raising We are ready to start to turn on figthning machine and war-burning art The blood starts to boil the fists are of lead We're both going figting We're both going mad In a wink of an eye You hit me and I Go really down And preparing to die I try to evade From your terrible strikes That make me feel Im lying on spikes My Vitals are falling I'm going to death The next time you hit me You cut all my breath I feel no more pain and no more regred I cry with the blood and I am half-dead Now your job done And you turning around You re walking away And leave me dying on ground But just at this moment I realize That I am alive And begin to rise I take a look around and whad do i see? a stone on the gound Nothing better it could be As silent as mouse I sail to your back and give you a strike a bit above neck you become as a puppet and fall to the ground I hear a deaf impact and a skull cracking sound You made a mistake you left me HALF-dead but it's no matter for you You're now dead