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Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
Lunatic Asylum
Sucker You're makin' your way Through the people's pain Step on their heads And Make your way to fame You don't consider Words that you say 'Cause you're not the person Who would them pay You're makin' a plan To defeat the whole world And you don't consider That it's a hard thing to hold... You're killing youur victims with a smile on your face No matter of sex the age and the race chorus x2 You think than you are the best in the world And that you are standing in the center of all But think of a truth that you are so cold That you are a solid, unbreakble wall yor words are the acid your soul is sold your heart is replaced with a stone one and cold your body is perfect your words are just dead your heart is completely just a piece of a lead