Within Reality
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Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
Within Reality crawling against the current flowing in main stream waiting for good upcoming and blessed by your own dream looking at the horrizont standing on the edge watching how stars rising wanna know what's beyond that hedge release your deepest tention collapse your thoughts cross-mixed you stand beyond redemption your dreams censored and fixed Enjoy the colourful grayness of all that you recieve show all them you obeyness be happy when got decieved its the dawn of new era the beginning of new age it is a fully yours primera but you play on empty stage there's completely empty audience except one single man he makes this damn stronger sence that you are a piece of plan you're running as fast as days do you wanna be up to date you wanna divide all false from true and you wanna meet your fate you wanna to be some special completely to be not as they make all your thoughts less rational escape from this cold'n'grey but day after day you do you spin the same round wheel you play as they say to you just dreamizing your powerful will припев Your role is allready written your character is been set your duty is just to follow the instruction, perform your set amuse some higher institutes nights ride at a speed of time and even loosing pair on seconds equal to a fatal crime