All or nothing
4:09 28 0 8 лет
Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
...The Way it Is
All Or Nothing Looking through the stars upon me, listening what they say. Never realize what calls me, never knowing where. But I still be running forwards towards the sky, Through the doubt that’s staring at from a thousand eyes. Then I’ll take what’s mine and stay away. No co incidents that never touch your life, No regret for the mistakes that I’ve made tonight. There’s only way into believed, but still unknown. When the only one shot you have And you cannot mist. Cause it’s everything that you’ve got, So it’s all or nothing. For what I’ve chosen I’m not sorry, going the right way. Cause I’m the one that writes my story, from beginning till the end. Now I realize the true that I will obey, Do yourself the things that need to be done right way, No one will carry the cross of yours my friend. Hope is the only thing that keeps our dreams alive, Faith that is pumping confidence through the veins inside. There is no one that can stop this running train.