Crystal life
2:47 160 2 14 лет
Poetic Licence 2000
Blacksmith prod.
Far from idiotic reality where everyone is cold and dark a man looks for home, who cries every night. He searches in his recollections the moments what for he lives. He cannot find them! Far rom idiotic reality, place which you're afraid, the man stays there. Escape from the abyss. He leaves alone to start his life. You ignore lie and hypocrisy, what for? Soon you'll trust them while selling yourselves. You'll not be able to see cause you're coward. He has seen it! And the man is going away. He's losing connection with the past. It's painful to lose simplicity of life, it's hard to be alone when soul bleeds. Painful to be disappointed. Have you been plunged in your soul so long to discover emptiness. What do you live for? You're as other, stupid machine! The man searching comprehension knocks against wall of dullness. When he tries to break it he become humiliated and banished. The people, they are afraid to get rid of chains created by time and spiritual regress. Don't you knowthat you are among them? His mind is free of religion but will he be able to go on? Feelings which flourish in one wither in other, these feelings for the first time make him strong. He refused of all what surrounded him all these years of empty life. When he leaves the world of blind he hopes… but he suffers from his solitude.