LiRiCa (демо)
3:45 12 0 14 лет
Drum & bass
Над треком работали
Igor Verbitsky
вне стилей, не земное... грустное. О тоске и Гордыне
История создания
Сначало было пропето настроение, потом это нечто было определено в слова) затем наложены остальное)
When i stand, In thje dark unafraid, beenin love This is God, who protect You and me, they and us ________________________ Take me tender Then you close the doore I felt my soul alone When i'm scare in the dark Only you holding line If i love if i know That the one Closin you If we would Skin the dark On the wall... Hand by Hand If i try fallin hell If i know, by the way That we all get the same Oh I, been here down don't know Till we yours, till we scare If i tryed hide the lane Fromn the dark to the... Peace let me cry, for a wile for i cryed This is pride in my head let me knows Let me scare If i tryed __________________________________________