Shrouding Madness
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Midnight Spirit
Emptiness Inside
Shrouding Madness The horizon is closed by a lead haze, Day's getting over like burdensome night, And heavens press as tombstones On heart. It's impossible to overcome We are pressed by the doom world We rot like the dampness of a decayed well. The hope is agonising like a caging bat That beats by its head about the arch in the dark; Life is gone and the catafalque Is floating sluggish in my muted soul Muddy melancholy is my dark friend Sticks a sharp knife into my inclined skull. Rains are dragging the infinite seine, Shrouding all in a heavy veil My sticky boredom from depth of heart Creeps into my sick brain Howls of the bells are rushing into my mind Their sounds are rising to the scratched skies. And assembly of mortal shades crawls everywhere i see. My madness broke my consciousness deeply