Darkmind Asylum
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Foltath Eternum
Soulthorned (EP) 2010
Morbid Silence St., Krasnoyarsk, Russia
We start to fly Then we fall on fear-thorns Above the dormant cries Death, silence (and after enthrone)! Ancient Olds away, Cordial Voids are now theirs home The inexhaustible fields And eternal lone wandering – forlorn! There is no free will – Prison of thy damn awareness The Ember of greed The dim veracity of vivid darkness In hermit universe We’re in thousand stars In recluse dirty clouds As a somberly depths, dismal chasms! Sorrow, loneliness and coldest walls Frightful rooms, corridors and halls Sadness, rivers, black brainstorms Throne of thorns, fear, then souldeform As Lifeless stone to fail downwards As Breathless corpse to sink in water As Incorporeal petal to burn To hide from blinding life Angels falls, demons dies, God in gloom, Satan cries Devil’s tears, Darkness grief And we lurks! Dark mind, you hide In this monastery Of universal tide From whom? (From itself?) You shout, you die In an agony, In mad ecstasy Of the solitude