Johny From The Burnin' farm  
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Johny from the Burning farm. Johny wasa farmer And he had a farm girlfriend. He enjoed his life And thought it’ll never end. One day neighbour Tom had come And killed Johns girlfriend with a gun, Because he thought , that John had stollen cow. But when John came He was so drunk, Decided ,that it is so fun, He load his gun to kill his stupid neighbour. He left his ranch, And entered tom’s But stupid Tom’s already gone, He knew ,that he would die for this behaviour. Chorus: Johny, johny from the burnin’ farm. He was killed by stupid life and did a lot of harm. When suddenly policeman came, He wanted somebody to blame. But gun in hand told everything to cop Then Tom appeared with other men, And thrown his gun in liiter can, While ugly cop was eating lolly pop. But johny was a couraged guy. He’d better really gona die, But not to suffer in th efucking jale. He killed all cops and stupid Tom, And drank bad wiskey all night long. Because he liked to win but not to fail. The morning showed the farm was burnt. And Johny’s body was in dirt With piece of paper in his black left hand. Tom, son of bitch had killed ny babe The paper in his left hand said And that’s the johny’s tragic story’s end.