Cold As Ice
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музыка: основа песни Michael Nolen; проигрыш и основа аранжировки: Magic Studio (Антон Власов) текст: Michael Nolen аранжировка: TDHDriver сведение: ROST Авторские права: Michael Nolen
Cold As Ice (CDS)
Cold As Ice (Michael Nolen) What will you choose when it’s time to right now? Will you go up when the life going down? Can close your eyes and yourself overcome? Can make a thing that no one ever done? What will you do when your partner is gone? Easy for two, but it’s so hard for one, Will you survive if you’re down and out? Will you take care of the turning around? Babe don’t give up don’t start to cry Make a one more try! I’m not as cold as ice as it’s said Come on and hold me tight take my hand I’m not as cold as ice as it’s said Believe in glory and I’ll drive your mad I’m not as cold as ice as it’s said Success will come if you make the first step I’m not as cold as ice as it’s said So go ahead and don’t’ be afraid Will you decide what is right what is wrong? Stay by my side, promise, you’ll be so strong, Just don’t believe what anothers are said They don’t know much and they all make mistake. I know someones really having high price These are the guys who are colder than ice But I’ve never been like a fortress that closed All is in arms and these arms only yours. Babe don’t give up, take another chance For brand new romance