All About Her
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Вадим Поздняков, Артём Каташов, Сергей Таширов
All About Her I used to live my usual way The same and boring things went day by day I’ve lost my hope and my belief I just existed, but I didn’t live… But since I’ve met you I have changed, I’m full of love and full of care The wind is calling out your name And I can hear it everywhere… Chorus It’s all about her It’s all about the girl I adore It’s all about my love She makes this world so beautiful… The sky above was always dark The dreams just seemed to be unreal and far I didn’t see this splendid world Because I’ never used to love before… But now I’m smiling to the sun I’m walking down the street and singing songs And even if my notes are wrong I know she’s gonna like it still because… And now my songs are all about you I’m so happy I’ve finally found you It’s like I have been goin’ astray And now I’ve found my way The lilac trees are flowering I caught myself I can’t stop singing About you…