Hold On To The Spring
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Hold On To The Spring It’s been the longest winter in my memory Don’t know how I’ve survived till end of February ‘Cuz when the night comes down I just don’t know where to run I close my eyes, I’m waiting for the sun... Chorus Hold on to the spring When all is flowering And memories awake And feelings may be coming back... Hold on to the spring When nights are not so cold And everything's alive The only chance for my survive... I dreamed of summer heat and sunshine every night But I woke up and saw it’s cold and dark around It seems it’s never gonna end It feels that long before I’m dead And there’s the only way out to be saved … And even if everything goes wrong You better hold on to spring And wait for love And savior’s gonna come, I know… If you… I’m finally waking up I’m opening my eyes Now I can see the lights I’m alive! I’m in love…