ДЕЖАВЮ (Английская версия)
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Эстрадная музыка
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А. Николаев, Т. Высокос
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ДЕЖАВЮ (ПЕСНЯ) Английская версия 1 куплет: Looking in the mirror of morning You find every touch of my lips Why I know what will be tomorrow? You’re with me-It seems that I sleep… May be I’ve forget part of future Can somebody open my eyes? Why I see incredible picture? The part of past is staying besides… Припев: Dejavu Why is not explanation? Dejavu Everybody believes Say what means everyday situation Dejavu How you live in my dreams? 2 куплет: Destiny of indirect questions Gives me shiny colour of life Dejavu is not my obsession Why i know what will be tonight? What with me? I feel like a dancer May be you can open my eyes Why I hope you’ll help me to answer And all my questions will stay besides Припев 2 раза