Xsinon - Ghetto story v 2.0 (Baby Cham acapella)
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Drum & bass
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I remember those days when Hell was my home When Me and Mama bed was a big piece a foam An mi never like bathe and my hair never comb When Mama gone a work me go street go roam I remember when Danny dem tek me snow cone An mek him likkle bredda dem kick up Jerome I remember when we visit dem wid pure big stone An the boy Danny pop out something weh full chrome I iremember when we run, Fatta get him knee blown An mi best friend Richie get, two inna him dome I remember so the avenue tun inna warzone An ,Mickey madda fly him out, cau she get a loan But, Mickey go to foreign and go tun Al Capone Mek whole heap a money and sen in our own Now a we a lock the city and, that is well known Yesterday Mickey call me pan mi phone Mi say Mickey..... I remember bout '80, Jamaica explode When a Trinity and Tony Hewitt dem a run road That a long before Laing dem and even Bigga Ford When Adams dem a Corporal nuh know the road code I remember when we rob the chiney shop down the road An rumour have it sey the chiney man have a sword But we did have a one pop wey make outta board So you know the next day mama pot Overlooaad Jamaica get screw, tru greed an glutton Politics manipulate and press yutes button But we rich now ,so dem caan tell man notin Cuz a we a mek Mama a nyaam Fish an Mutton..Ehhhh Ova dehso mek mi tell unnu some'in... Tru mi dey a foreign now a guy kill me cousin An mi here sey TD deh dey but him sey he wasnt Anytime mi fly down him a get bout dozen....Cause......