That's Who You Are
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That's Who You Are [Single]
P&S Factory
Will you stand your ground if no one thinks you’re right? And not give up when you can’t fight? Don’t be scared there ain’t no harm in trying Believe, it’s alright Can you still dream to have it all When you’ve got illusions tattered? And even if you lose the faith There’s only one thing that does matter Chorus: Is who you are And what you feel when it’s raining When you go out and see the rainbow And a nasty day can make you smile That’s who you are And what you feel when it is dark When you look up and see the bright stars And the darkest night can make you smile Well, time after time everybody feels weak and lonely Everybody has bad times and good times But they say, if you smile, life will smile back at you Will you walk this way when you feel tired? Not turn away when it’s so hard? It was you who chose the way to go So, don’t you moan Can you still smile when you’re broke down? Keep your chin up whatever happens? And even if you can’t get through There’s one thing that really matters Chorus. And when it rains When it pours like hell And when it’s dark When it’s so damned dark Look all around and you will See that it’s not that bad as it seems You have your ups and your downs But that’s the way life is Chorus.