There's Only Silence
3:45 13 0 7 лет
Альтернативный рок
Мы Сами Рисуем Свой Мир
Tabun Records
There’s Only Silence Alone again I spend this lonely night The door is closed Don’t wanna go outside All my friends Turned their back on me Even God – He doesn’t know I live There’s no fate, no future My hands are bleeding I feel pain even if someone’s speaking I see again and again The end of everything I don’t hear anything Except the voice of silence There’s Only Silence (Chorus) Tonight I see the sky is overcast Oh no, I think this day will be the last This is what I was going to all my life… This is the game I’ve never played This is the word I’ve never said I don’t believe that my life could change someday Get satisfaction I don’t know how But everything for me Doesn’t even matter now I’m standing on the roof Of the skyscraper I’m looking down At the little figures of people…