How Long I'd Been Facing The Dark
8:09 47 0 7 лет
Прогрессивный рок/Арт-рок
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Татьяна Каневская, Елена Каневская, Сергей Никоноров, Дмитрий Штатнов
The Door to a Parallel World
Wanderers Records
How long I'd been facing the dark Till I met you How long I'd been suffering your love Till you left me How long I'd been crying in the rain Till the rainbow arrayed the sky How long will I live on this earth till it comes Time to die. How long I'd seen restless dreams Till the sun rose How long I'd been blinded with light Till the stars opened How long I'd been strangely quiet Till at last I was struck by pain And despair had been rending me till I felt Free again. Refrain. And the gates opened, Mist of clouds hid me As they melt I saw the star to lead me Where the trees faded Days of songs ended Where just stray spirits of old will meet me. How long I'd been climbing steep slopes Till I made the halt I'd been searching then long with my eyes Till I knew where to look for my road. How long I'd been trembling with cold Till warm rays made flowers bloom And the tune out of centuries past Broke the gloom. Refrain.