No Way Back
5:49 14 0 7 лет
Прогрессивный рок/Арт-рок
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Татьяна Каневская, Елена Каневская, Сергей Алямкин, Дмитрий Штатнов
The Door to a Parallel World
Wanderers Records
Ignition sequence started All the engines grew alive Gathering its highest speed The grey starship rushed into the sky Will I see you again someday, Oh my good old mother Earth? Will I breath your air again And retrace the steps to the land of my birth? Gravity gave way At the escape velocity And presently I'll hail The stupendous Sea of Eternity Through mysterious dark substance Past Mars and Saturn, into the void My ship will flow in silence Within the vast realm of absolute cold. Nothing but deep sorrow Is as true as the cosmic night Nothing but thought's flow Can be faster than the flashing speed of light! Nebulae's bizarre forms Will emerge before my eyes I'll behold the far worlds Of great burning and grinding ice Only of weird black holes No human eye will see a sign, Devouring all that comes too close Catching light, and twisting space and time! After years of wandering I will comprehend one day That there is no way back To the place from whence I came Never more… For line of Time has broken, And thousands years have gone… And space will forever be My home.