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Татьяна Каневская, Елена Каневская, Сергей Никоноров, Дмитрий Штатнов
The Door to a Parallel World
Wanderers Records
Endless night spreads its wings around me Thread of years is torn On the shore of the starlit sea I am standing alone And behind me the land lies lifeless Ruins of ages of rage Veiled in deep silent sorrow of lost ancient realms Mysterious and strange. Waves are rolling with music restless While old mountains stand calm And I'm thinking of those blessed days When the world was still young. But to blind and delirious madness Hatred opened the gate When the dark chaos was pierced with cries of repent It was too late. But one day time will heal the old wounds Of the land tired from pain Slender saplings will break the stones Flowers will bloom here again. And lost cities will rise from ashes Songs of light will revive, And the dust will be swept from pages And Death will yield to Life.