Around You
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Антон Тодоров
How are you there, Kate? Do you look out of your window searching for my face in the crowd. Am I the only one you cannot find? Am I the one you always loved? And this place feels so empty when I'm alone in my room I remember when I was here with you. But you're not here, you're not with me You're eyes are dry and my heart's bleeding And things come clear as I see You want me there to be around you. And I cannot say I'm better without you. I know you're there, Kate No matter whether it's autumn or spring And I know you stay near your eyes are looking for me. The leaves fall down and trees turn grey Time is running out to hurt you again. So much happiness I wish to you, my love. Start again without me. This place feels so empty without you I know that you think the same way I'm so sorry that I went away That only reason was is that you betrayed me. Every new season leaves from the tree fall down And you watch me walking my room from your window. I know that. I know everything you feel 'cause I feel the same way.