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Reflected Light
Диск был записан на студиях KIV Records и Hunter Studio.
For the one who could never believe, Who was victim of obsolete errancies Fatuous being is hard to forgive, His last words are pronounced in silence. I remember her praying for him, For his soul that could never be saved, Murky forebodings and endless scream Smithereens of old mother's heart. Time to finish regrets and complains, Be prepared to enter the Last World. You have lost the right way, but you still have a chance, After you will be born once again! Crucified on the cross of your fear, You clamber the rest of your life span. Everything is in vain, doom has its own laws. Fate of mortals is always the same. There was once the tree of high hopes. Now it's drown, all the leaves have fallen. But the al mother's voice is still there, the voice in the silence is still... calling.