Adverse effect
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Boroda MCMXXCII, Tony F, Max V
Don't attempt to get more, Don't attempt to give all away. When the waves come to wash the shore They never, I said, they never stay. Keep up the balance of the noise and the silence. Even the forces of the peace and the violence. And if ya take one step forward a way local You'll come back a step by motion in a circle. Would you now forget That first time we met? Everything coming on with adverse effect. Takin no regret, Bringing to an end. Everything coming on with adverse effect. When the moon rise, sun goes down. For a queen we often give up a pawn. When we meet - it's some kind of a paradox Like zero point around the clock. I think more black and less white, You think more about endless light. We are too modest and too proud And probably, we'll never find the way out.