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MARIA Into time She sinks with the sins Of all that is mine She is thine But all that is pure Has already died And you will keep What is denied And never ask why She will rise Reborn with the dead Removed by your Christ I saw her come in at midnight With bright camouflage of a lady The blood mistress She knows no god She is mine. But love is dead And so am I and so am I She lures you to darkness Removes you from the light The mistress, the whore Of all your delights Luring all saints And seducing the weak Kissing the angels then fucking the priests The mother of all You shouldn't believe The host of your prayers And end of your dreams She stole the hearts Of the unborn Mary the darkness we adore She stole your faith Along all your soul And she will never let go She sinks into dreams And into your lies. She's slowly becoming The dark of Your life. She'll be The forever forgotten in mind But you will be watched...her angels are spies And you will seek But never find Burying deep into her lies Like everyone fooled by her plastic smile Like everyone else will ask her to die