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wishing scar Innocent dove Sitting in dress with White ribbons Get off your throne And join the feast Of saints and demons Pick up your goblet Speak out a toast To pope with a face of Judah When finish your praise Spit to his mug Regards to the guy on the canvas Hear me Bungle street prayer Turns into a slayer Forsaken betrayer’s Becoming a father to me Saying prayers are only for weak and he's right Look my son into the sky Pick a star and tell it your lies Forget all your sins They make no more sense Go home to your friends And do the round dance Don’t you recall the words And how eternal they seemed And all the infatuations in the world Belonged to you and me I’ve forsaken some habits Habits born in pain I was, and ill be But not forever, it's on leave Turn around and come with me now! Stop wasting time just look around you! Let out your last few moans Forget it, things could get worse Look up, can you see the star? Fading Nothing It’s gone And there are traces of hope And glimmers of deceit But love is your empire Crumbling at my feet So shall I stumble or Shall I stride? Feelings are darker than night I cannot touch your light I cannot see you shine Falling into endless hall Of unforgotten dreams Of everlasting hope Can you feel me There in your world? Can I reach you after all? Lover of your shadows So should I resign? Let me go! Let me go! Innocent diva