North Capital
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Cyber Girl (CDS, 2010)
Two thousand five November snow First strike In the Arctic glow And then we came Again and again We’re play for you all Thanx, BlackFlame We find new fans We find new friends Vergeltung, Item, No Existence Dizzaster, Infinity, Rock Palace God bless all of these names! Rt Can you feel my love? My Capital Can you take my soul? North Capital Can you speed my heart? My Capital Rt2 Stand until the End Of Times We want! We want more! Dance until the End Of Times We want! We want more! And after all Still on the case We are happy to play In this blessed place We gonna play loud We gonna play more For an acid city on stoned shores We play right here We play right now No compromise - once and for all We’ll rising you high So high as we can Russian Empire’s Diamond Crown