Jaminover (Emigrant Song)
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Igor Contrabas
Золотой Поц, Jaminover (Emigrant Song)
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Золотой Поц, Jaminover (Emigrant Song) - Igor Contrabas
Золотой Поц
Emigrant Song This city is where I became a litter I speak here in their native language, and do not like it My face is completely different than that of local I fear this city, played a game of "waiting for me" I am over 40 years, and I thought that love would be eternal And all this love is just sex, but here all the latecomers And those that love does not know the young, first-graders look I was afraid if even sit on the bench Here's the car owner, thinks it's in my hand scanner Scanner signaling his car and I do not hide I'm living on local rules, I consider myself a patriot Patriot, abandoned the country, and keeps his clan And I do not understand why these citizens are more able and aware And out of envy I wish all evil, and they tell me here that I'm ugly But I love for people to stand and drink Coca-Cola and dream Dress in American clothes and drive American cars. This city is where I became a litter, This city owes me today. Oh, cheap labor, the president of the Mayor should give me a room. They let me stay on their lands and in their flats. I need to marry and let their children and to rewrite their property themselves